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Hummer EV shares 0 parts with other GM vehicles

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Muscle Cars and Trucks interviewed the Hummer's Vehicle Performance Engineer Todd Hubbard and he told them that it shares no parts with any other GM vehicles.

For the price GMC is selling it, it's good to see it's a completely brand new truck!

Despite sharing a similar name with the T1 that underpins the Silverado and Sierra twins, as well as all of GM full-size SUVs, this new truck shares nothing with its ICE-powered stablemates.

“I don’t think there’s any,” said Hubbard when asked if there was any part sharing between the Hummer and other GM products.
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Door handles look to be similar to many Silverado’s and sierras too. Hopefully they redesign them before production. They have always felt not the most solid to me.
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