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HUMMER EV Pickup vs. SUV: What's The Difference?

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With the HUMMER EV SUV finally here, this is how it compares to the pickup truck version.

"GMC just unveiled the first photos and details of the new Hummer EV SUV, which is nearly identical to the Hummer pickup that was first revealed last year. The Hummer SUV has wonderfully boxy styling, and with a significantly shorter wheelbase than the pickup it should deliver even better off-road performance thanks to its smaller size and improved departure and breakover angles.

Like the pickup, the SUV gets removable Infinity Roof panels, fancy four-wheel steering, up to 830 horsepower and a maximum range of over 300 miles. An Extreme Off-Road Pack adds 18-inch wheels encircled by 35-inch mud-terrain tires, underbody armor plating, rock sliders, a front electronic differential locker and virtual rear lockers, HD ball-spline driveshafts, and UltraVision cameras that include some underneath the body.

When the Hummer EV SUV goes on sale in 2023 it will launch with a special Edition 1 special model that features unique paint, 22-inch wheels, assist steps and floor liners, and GM's groundbreaking Super Cruise system. The Edition 1 will start at $105,595, but grab an example with the Extreme Off-Road Pack and that price swells to an eye-watering $110,595.

What do you think of the Hummer EV SUV? Would you rather have the SUV or the pickup? Hit the link in our bio for everything we know about it."

Some details might be missing, so add them below if you notice any.
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