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Hummer Design Rumors from 2010 - 2020 / General design evolution

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Hi guys, I saw the article on TheDrive about the Hummer being a Raptor / TRX competitor, and I lead myself to this article going back to the rumors regarding the revival of the Hummer and came across this passage:

"Insiders reportedly insisted that the idea of a Hummer comeback is merely hypothetical at present; an idea for how GM could market its electrified trucks, rather than confirmation that it will revive the Hummer brand to do so. Hummers, having been out of production for nearly a decade now, would need a comprehensive update of their design language in order to not look out-of-place on the market today, though bringing the Hummer aesthetic up-to-date might not be as tricky as it sounds. GM has reportedly played with Hummer-inspired design studies for conceptual next-gen GMC products, and has allegedly continued to commission Hummer concept vehicles throughout the last several years."

And it got me thinking, Is how much I would love to see the Hummer ideations through the years from 2010 - 2020. I know when Hummer EV came out they released the design drawings, But does anyone know who I can reach out to ask if it's possible for GM to release these designs, as well as the Hummer H2 redesign that was due in 2010? Just a simple post on the GM design account would be great, I'm an architecture student and I love cars and I would Love to see the Ideation and the continuous evolution of Hummers from 1992 to 2020.

@Aloppen can you please help out a fellow Stem Student / Design Student? My passion is Architectural Design, and I've seen your Design Team's Talk on Car Design News (which I'll post about in another post) but I would love to see the unreleased Hummer ideations as I have learnt about designing in general from studying the changes in Hummer's Design over the years, and I would love to study Hummer's Designs and Ideations.
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