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GM Authority has a good article up on their site about determining the Hummer's max water fording depth.

All one has to do is simply look out the driver’s side window and check the front gravel guard just behind the wheel. The driver should never drive through water deeper than the driver’s side front gravel guard behind the front tire.

The chart below provides more exact estimates depending on vehicle (drive) mode.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup Water Fording Depth
Standard SettingsTerrain ModeExtract Mode
Water fording depth (in. / mm)26.0 / 66028.0 / 71132.0 / 813

Along with understanding their vehicle’s maximum depth, there are other water fording tips GMC Hummer EV Pickup drivers should abide by, including:

  • As water depths increase, reduce vehicle speed
  • Be aware of submerged objects
  • Never open doors while in water
  • Do not drive through rushing water
  • If the water is deeper than the center of the front hubs, never exceed 3 mph
  • Always drive in the direction of the current
  • Avoid oncoming vehicles, as they will increase the water depth surrounding your vehicle
  • After exiting the water, repeatedly and gently apply the brakes to dry them off and restore effectiveness
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