Car and Driver paid $81 to get an extra 80 percent of battery charge at a rate of $0.43 per kWh. It took an hour and 49 minutes to do so.

Interested in seeing how that compares to what everyone else here has been paying.
Include the most/least you’ve paid for fast charging and any details you would like to include here.

"In a recent report, Car and Driver says it took the GMC Hummer EV to a local quick-charger station to see how much it would cost to bring the onboard GM Ultium battery pack up from a 10-percent charge to a 90-percent charge. According to the publication, adding this extra 80 percent of battery charge cost $81 at a rate of $0.43 per kWh, taking an hour and 49 minutes to do so.

Indeed, by modern EV standards, that’s rather pricey, not to mention quite a lengthy charge session for a DC quick-charger station. Of course, those numbers should be viewed with consideration for the GMC Hummer EV’s total battery capacity, rated at a rather ridiculous 212.7 kWh. By comparison, the new 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV has a battery capacity of 65 kWh.

Car and Driver also points out that the Hummer hit a peak charge rate of 287 kW, making for the second-highest charge rate among the 20 competitors in the publication’s “EV of the Year” contest, bested only by the Lucid Air. That said, the Hummer EV’s average charge rate was a much-lower 98 kW. Car and Driver also adds that the charge session was done at an Electrify America station in Michigan, which added a 6-percent sales tax to the equation. Additionally, the charge was not 100-percent efficient, losing approximately 5 percent of charge over the course of the session."