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"Spring 2022" (or 2023) ED1 SUT
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Yeah, but where are they? They say they've built 2570. Even if you assume they built 100-200 for testing that will never be sold, and that there were 1200 customer ED1s, that's still over a 1000 trucks unaccounted for. They probably weren't dealer demos unless they're just sitting on them because almost every Hummer eligible GMC dealer in the nation would have one in the showroom...are there a 1000 3X Dealer demos sitting in a lot in Flint? It's just weird. The increased speed of production isn't being proportionally reflected in the frequency of deliveries, even before the stop sale.
Just conjecture, but could be that they 99% built most of the 750 previously and just finished a bunch in September (e.g., replacing/installing a final component).
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