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Unless they find a magical portal where competed Hummer EVs come out I don’t think many 3X reservation holders (I’m talking 5k+) will see their trucks in 2023 either. Remember that during 2023 they’re also beginning production of the SUV and the Silverado EV. They can’t even make the SUTs fast enough and they’ve got new models coming online. Yeah, yeah, I know “factory upgrades are going to allow orders of magnitude increases in production”. Well, I’ve been hearing that on here for almost 6 months and they’ve managed to go from building an average of 3 trucks a day to 4.5 a day and they’re about to shut down for a month (a couple weeks starting at the end of November). Just so we’re clear on scale, to fulfill reservations in 2 years (on the Hummer EV alone, not including the 150k Silverado reservations or Sierra) they’d have to go from 4.5 a day to 123. Three years would be 83 a day. To fulfill all of their truck/suv reservations (that we know of) by 2027 they’d have to be building 164 a day, starting today and never stopping on all models. These numbers get higher everyday they don’t meet them and especially when the factory is closed. That’s just reservations, no builds for dealer stock, no non-reservation customer orders. It’s why I think I’ll get my Sierra EV Edition 1 before my Hummer, despite reserving it two years earlier than the Sierra, because they’ll prioritize Edition 1s of all their EVs. It almost feels intentionally slow, like they didn’t want thousands more on the road before ED1 owners beta tested them and found all the bugs. Probably reading more into it than I should, but all I know is I’ve spent nearly two years thinking I’d be in my 3X by the end of this year and I’ll be lucky I even see it in 2023. Besides the reveal and all the positive reviews the experience of buying a Hummer EV has been a massive disappointment so far…and it’s going to be a while before I even get the chance to turn that disappointment into excitement again by sitting in mine. Every “I just got mine” post on here used to make me smile and it felt like I was getting closer, but now even that is gone.
I am more optimistic that you. They built 750 in September, which is 25 per day, if you assume 7 days/week. No data yet for October, but they can easily hit 1000 per month starting next year and ramp that up. Remember the battery factory just came on line (August) and started at only 25% capacity.
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