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Received email from my dealer just a moment ago; see italic text:

3X Truck Production should start Q1 of 2023 and Start Delivering Late Q2 of 2023
Edition 1 SUV’s Production should start Q1 of 2023 and Start Delivering Late Q2 of 2023
3X SUV’s Production should start Q2 of 2023 and Start Delivering Q3 of 2023

2X/2 Trucks & SUV’s Production should start in 2024. With 2X’s late Q1/Q2 2’s Late Q2/Q3

So based on the above information, 3X Truck reservation holders should begin the build process sometime early Q1. GM is supposed to send a communication to all reservation holders next month, updating them on next steps, timelines, etc. I can also tell you that GM is aware that communication can be improved and is working to equip dealers with more information moving forward.

I have had multiple inquiries on potential color options available, so I will share what I know currently, understanding that there could be some changes, but I’m not anticipating any. Hopefully this will at least allow you to start narrowing down potential color choices.

Tide Metallic (Ice Blue)
Interstellar White
Void Black
Afterburner Tintcoat (Orange)
Supernova Metallic (Dark Blue)
Deep Aurora Metallic (Dark Bronze)

Lunar Horizon Interior (Jet Black/ Light Grey)
Lunar Shadow Interior (Jet Black/ Taupe)

This is me talking now; just because you know the Quarters and Years of production, that doesn't mean your Reservation Number will be hit. I don't expect my number to hit until 2025 or so and that's just fine with me; have other eggs to fry in the meantime ;)
You guys with the Big Bucks be killing me via willing to pay those crazy amounts over MSRP. My dealer sells both the SUT and SUV at MSRP and he puts it in writing. I'm not feeling the SUT but loving the SUV; and so, I'm purchasing it along with the Denali EV at MSRP. I don't pay a penny over, never have and you know the rest.
Anyone wanna buy my First edition Hummer SUV?
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