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Besides being incredibly annoying did you know the oils from your fingers are very damaging to your screens. The oils will actually break down the coatings that are imbedded into your screens. Also as you have to constantly wipe the fingerprints from your screens no mater how careful you are fine scratched will happen.

So let's solve the issue before its an issue with a HUMMERCHAT10 10% off code.

What makes us different? We have been doing this for over 10 years with the largest library in the world. Our patented design process allows us to make the most accurate patterns in the world. Lastly our film is not a PPF film developed to protect paint. Our film was developed specifically for automotive screens. Providing incredible clarity and slick to the touch feel so your fingers glide across the screen. This helps all but eliminate those annoying fingerprints. Give us a shot you wont be disappointed.



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