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GMC collaborated with designer Kelly Wearstler to create the ultimate base camp/garage for the GMC Hummer EV.

You can’t park GMC HUMMER EVs just anywhere. You park them in a garage worthy of supertrucks.

That’s the challenge designer Kelly Wearstler passionately embraced. In collaboration with GMC, she created a virtual garage entirely customized for GMC HUMMER EVs that celebrates the form, function and craftsmanship of the revolutionary vehicles in a uniquely conceptualized CGI rendering.

In her words, Kelly sought to find “the perfect combination between the HUMMER’s sense of discovery and the great outdoors.” Where she arrived is best described as the ultimate HUMMER EV home base. Have a look. And see where you end up when you can park anywhere you like.

“The approach encapsulates my design philosophy, which is a mix of old soul and new spirit—the perfect combination between GMC HUMMER’s sense of discovery and the great outdoors.”

“This project was a reimagination of a livable space—in the same vein as reinventing the GMC HUMMER EVs.”

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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