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According to new reports, GMC is currently producing their first Hummer EV Prototypes.

What's even more exciting is that since the Hummer has already been revealed, they won't be covered in camo! Which means we're going to get some great photos of it while GMC does testing.

The GMC Hummer EV brings the brawny SUV’s look into the modern era with an equally modern all-electric powertrain. Deliveries are expected to begin a year from now, though GMC is just now building Hummer EV prototypes as it rapidly develops the new model. The automaker won’t cover it in camouflage as the test vehicles hit the road in the coming months as GMC still has a lot to do – the company technically doesn’t even have a real vehicle yet.

That tidbit of news comes from a new interview by Green Car Reports with Al Oppenheiser, the Hummer EV’s Chief Engineer. He told the publication yesterday that the company had just begun building its first test vehicles. What GMC has been showing to the world is its display vehicle with no internals. The reveal video has a completely CGI Hummer EV in it. The Hummer’s odd state of development is a result of the company’s rapid development timeline for the model – the project only got greenlit in April 2019.
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