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They at least appear to be learning since they cut off Sierra Denali EV reservations quickly. That way you don't end up with 90k Hummer Reservation or 150k+ Silverado EV reservation holders going "where's my EV?", you've just got the first batch waiting, which is a WAY easier order and level of expectation to fulfill. I'm sure that, in hindsight, they would have probably cut off Hummer EV reservations within a day or two. Reservations made in 2022 on Hummer EVs when they KNEW it would be 2+ years to fulfill and when the production/recall hiccups started served no positive purpose and only increased the potential for disappointment in eager customers. Most of us here are just excited to get a Hummer and would like to be a little more in the know in regards to when that will happen.
I stopped holding my breath when they de-prioritized Hummer EV production and my monthly Hummer status calls from the dealer ceased.
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