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GM Authority is reporting that the Hummer is going to come with 3 windshield wipers, just like the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

We’re still chomping at the bit to learn as much as we can about the upcoming GMC Hummer EV pickup, and although we’ll have to wait until May 20th for the big official debut, we’re now piecing together a trove of details thanks to the recent GM EV Day event. The latest is the revelation that the electrified Hummer will sport no less than three windshield wipers.

While most vehicles make do with just two wipers, the GMC Hummer EV’s three-wiper setup certainly stands out from the crowd. Few vehicles go above the standard dual-wiper setup, with a few notable exceptions including the Morgan Roadster and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

To that point, both the Morgan Roadster and the Toyota FJ Cruiser come with a short, wide windscreen, hence the necessity of a three-wiper setup. As such, one would assume that the GMC Hummer EV will also come with a short, wide windscreen.
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