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2008 Hummer H3 Alpha
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Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Grille

Hey everyone! This is a render I did of what my dream 2024 GMC Hummer EV build would look like. I am calling it the "Moab Edition"

  • 38in to 40in tires on 18" Beadlocks
  • Road Armor Front Steel Bumper
  • 15K Winch With Synthetic Rope
  • Gobi Roof Rack (Full Size)
  • Diode Dynamics SS5s
  • Factor 55

There is a lot more I would have in mind doing, but it wouldn't be visible in this photo, such as a GMRS radio, rock lights, rear Gobi ladder, and storage drawer system in the rear. So what do you guys think? I am really curious as to when we will start seeing real aftermarket accessories to the pickup and the SUV.

Making a full steel front replacement bumper for the EV is going to very costly and difficult in my opinion. The OEM's bumper's sensors, camera, and headlights are going to be need to mounted in the same place as before so those features are retained. I think it is worth it though, considering 1 headlight assembly costs like $1500 and the middle bar costs like another $1500. That's gonna be $7K-8K fix if you front end someone. Also, I don't care what your opinions about how steel bumpers are bad because they "Affect the original crumple zones." I want to protect this thing from a $10K "oopsie daisy" on or off the road. Anyway it's really important that we are able to mount a winch to front, because most other 4WD vehicles only have 8K-12K winches mounted on to their rigs and that's just not enough. If you get stuck, they might not have the power to pull you out. You are going to need at least a winch that does 13.5K if you follow the 1.5x rule. A grille guard would be much easier to mount onto the front for protection, but that would mean you would have to do a hidden winch setup.

I am wondering if roof rack companies like Gobi Racks will be able to make a full size rack for the pickup and SUV. The EV does have 2 sets of mounting points for the OEM crossrails so that's a starting point. I am wondering if they will be able to design it in a way where you can still remove the roof panels and what other mounting points whill need to be used.

Anyway, let me know your guy's thoughts!
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