The Hummer EV.R race truck competed in Greenland for the latest race in Extreme E!

For the third battle in the hypercompetitive Extreme E all-electric racing series, the No. 99 SEGI TV GMC HUMMER EV.R and Chip Ganassi Racing headed to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, for the Arctic X Prix.

In the shadow of the Russell Glacier, the 8.5km (5.28 miles) racecourse made up of post-glacial terrain, imposing boulders, glacial sediment and sand dunes proved to be another merciless competitor. Deemed by many to be the best Extreme E track so far, it was also the most punishing. Check out exclusive race highlights of the No. 99 SEGI TV GMC HUMMER EV.R in action.

Next up, the Extreme E off-road beasts travel to the sandy beaches and mountainous terrain of Sardinia, Italy, for the running of the Island X Prix.

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