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GMC Hummer EV is "98 percent" production ready

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Barring a few changes the GMC Hummer EV that we saw during the reveal is "98% production ready".

Muscle Cars and Trucks spoke with GM's Hummer EV Design Manager John Mack and he told them:

“It’s about 98 percent of what you see is accurate… there’s a few nuances,” said Mack, formally the Chevrolet Performance Studio Design Manager, when asked if the design was still conceptual. “ It’s stuff that design will notice. Surface refinement, tailgates, skid plates… those are areas that will probably be a little bit different come production.”

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98% is a good number, judging by the prototype too, I can't see them making any major changes. Like the article says, nuances. And that's a good thing, because I think they killed the design both inside and out.
I wonder what he means about skid plates. The material for them?
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