Has anyone received this special plaque with the Hummer Edition 1?

GMC developed a special engraved plaque to thank GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 buyers, with the automaker describing the gift as a “gesture of gratitude,” toward those who helped the vehicle sell out in record time. The engraved plaque features the make and model of the GMC Hummer EV, along with the model year, the location of where it was assembled and the VIN of the customer’s vehicle. The front and rear ends of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 are also engraved into the plaque, while a monochrome topographical map serves as the backdrop.

“The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 plaques feature distinct vehicle illustrations,” GM said of the gift. “Everything about the gift is 100 percent custom including the customer’s name and their vehicle VIN. Taking cues from the vehicle’s design, the plaque includes the exclusive tech bronze color, Edition 1 badging and lunar topographic details seen on the Pickup. While the plaque is the primary gift, the premium appreciation package is also filled with a number of unique Hummer EV items for the customer to enjoy.”

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