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Great little list of all the "lunar" Easter eggs in the Hummer EV.

The Moon Roof
One of the most obvious features of the Hummer is, quite obviously, its aptly named Moon Roof. Large glass panels take the place of a traditional tin roof, allowing for more light to enter the cabin, and leading to late-night moments of staring at the stars, wondering if we’ll ever go any further than our own moon.

The Lunar Surface Displays


GMC is taking the moon theme to the next step with the Hummer EV, and everywhere you look in the vehicle there’s some sort of homage to that beautiful natural satellite — especially in the displays right in front of the driver.

The dashboard displays feature graphics depicting the Hummer EV doing what its “grandfather” – GM helped develop the lunar rover – did, driving on the surface of the moon. Different drive modes influence what kind of surface you’re riding on as well. Set it to ‘Touring’ and you’ll see what the Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin did when they drove one.

The Hummer takes thing a step further still when you switch to ‘Off-Road,’ changing the animation so it looks like you’re on the surface of a certain red planet Elon Musk thinks is his.

Shuttle-inspired ‘Launch Control’

You can’t have a space ship without “launch control”, and the Hummer EV’s take on the feature is pretty unique (although GMC completely missed the boat on actually calling it “launch control”).

The Hummer’s launch control is called Watts to Freedom (WtF), and when activated, it plays some excitement-building sounds through the speakers and displays some trippy animations on the dash screens, giving the feeling of a pre-launch countdown. Watts to Freedom also lowers the vehicle’s suspension by two inches, and can launch the vehicle to 100 km/h in just about 3.0 seconds.

Sea of Tranqulity Speaker Grille


The Hummer EV’s Bose Premium sound system does more than play funny chimes, it also visually pays homage to the moon landing. The grilles that cover the speaker feature an overlay of a topographical map of the Sea of Tranquility, where Apollo 11 astronauts landed more than 50 years ago.

There’s also a little boot print styled after the one Neil Armstrong famously left on the moon. That boot print was even included on an early design of the floor mat, but instead the engineers decided to include more of the Sea of Tranquility. More tranquility is better, right?

Lunar Rover Colour Scheme

White isn’t necessarily the colour of the moon — in fact, as a rambling man at the end of a Pink Floyd album will tell you, the moon is actually black.

However, when General Motors’ Defense Research Laboratories first built the Apollo lunar module and lunar roving vehicle some 50-plus years ago, it was painted in this same colour palette, featuring a white exterior, and black, grey, and gold interior accents.
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