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I read the tweet, not the sensationalized spin produced by the 24 hour news cycle trying to get ratings. He didn’t incite violence. If anything, he was implying the cop would get tried and convicted like the cop from the Floyd case.
I couldn’t care less about sports or Lebron. Again, I also think the cop that shot the girl with the knife did a GREAT job and deserves accolades. Lebron was off-base with his tweet, but he didn’t incite violence. But hey, some live in constant outrage right now, so cancel away if you so chose.
I'm no fan of LeQuit either, but I admit that this scenario doesn't scream call to violence to me, either. I think the officer was perfectly justified and did exactly as he should have, also. But it's a bit of a stretch to claim this tweet was a call to violence, in my humble opinion.

Putting up the officer's picture and name may have been stupid beyond belief and detestable, but it wasn't a call to violence.
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