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General Motors President Mark Reuss announced that tomorrow (Wednesday March 4th) that GM will host an "EV Day".

According to CNBC, during an “EV Day” on Wednesday, the Detroit automaker will give a comprehensive and unprecedented look at its all-electric vehicle plans as well as show attendees roughly a dozen upcoming products, according to two people familiar with the event. It is typically considered an unusual move for an automaker to show investors so many products.

Hopefully this means that we're going to get some more information on the Hummer pickup!

“I really like our position heading in the area of electrification, and I like it for a lot of different reasons,” Reuss told investors last month about the EV Day. “I think you’ll be very excited about some of the things we’d go into a little more detail than I’ve talked about today … Again, we’ll go into more of that here next month, but this is a very, very well-thought-out strategy.”

More than 150 members of the media and investors are expected to be briefed about the company’s EV plans during separate events Wednesday. Politicians, dealers and GM employees also are expected to attend different programs during the week.
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