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GM hinted at what their future EV will look like by sharing these images that outline different cars.

Based on these images we see a pickup (Silverado?), a sports car (Camaro?), two SUVs, and a van.

GM electric Camaro
GM electric crossover
GM electric pickup truck
GM electric SUV
GM electric Van

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From what I can tell, based on the images Oakwood provided, this is what I'm thinking:

Image #1: Has to be an electric Camaro - the resemblance is near identical.

Image #2: Likely the Bolt EUV, and its close cousin from Buick, which will be based off it.

Image #3: Definitely the Silverado. I guess they never confirmed it would be called "Silverado," just that it would be a Chevy, but I can't imagine they wouldn't use the Silverado name.

Image #4: This one is the most interesting to me. From what I can tell, its the newly announced RWD Cadillac Lyriq, and likely the Chevy and Buick versions based very closely on it. These will be GM's performance electric crossover offerings.

Image #5: This is unquestionably the Cruise Origin autonomous car.

Here's a link to the info I used to reach the conclusions I did - all this stuff is on there:

Cadillac Celetsiq, Lyriq GMC Hummer and other future GM electric cars detailed

Here's a silhouette of the Lyriq crossover released yesterday, just for reference on Image #4:

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