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Great video and thanks for sharing. I enjoyed for two reasons, the first of which will be ore obvious. This shows that GM is committing to building wonderful new hight tech EVs. Since I really enjoy driving electric vehicles, and look forward with unabated anticipation toward getting my hummer, this is just great news.

What really makes me feel good about it is what you see in the video is a large labor force with good jobs, earning a living to care for themselves and their families. Yes I am one of those guys that believes rising tides lifts all boats which is good for everyone. As mentioned it made me feel good that all these folks are getting a paycheck and hopefully feeling good about the work they are doing to help build the future. Not everyone has to be a physicist or electrical engineer to contribute in changing the future.

OK, sappiness off and flame suit on. :).
Absolutely GM is serious about EV's, this is only one of 2 new plants GM is currently building (the second one in Tennessee is pouring foundation concrete this week, and will have first steel by the end of June exactly 1 year behind the Lordstown factory and same general contractor). I was happy to hear GM is open to letting the workforce in these new factories unionize, not that I am a union sympathizer, but I think GM is sending the right message that they value the workers quality of life, and career.
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