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The amount of work they completed since I was there about 2 months ago is incredible! Great update, Tom!
Ya, looks like steel work is about 75% done, roofing 50% and I noticed many propane tanks in the back of the building , which means they are drying out the inside for concrete slabs. It looks to me like the cell manufacturing will take place in the end of the building nearing completion, I think they will start setting up manufacturing equipment by February and should have the factory ready to start trial production this summer, 3-6 months ahead of schedule. In the video, did you see the natural gas combined cycle power plant across the street? I wonder if GM is getting power from there?

The one disappointment I see, is it looks like they are using TPO roofing, and that is not a good setup for solar, so I would guess this building will not have a solar array.
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