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Ford Leads Race On Customers’ Electric Pickup Consideration

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A new study by Cox Automotive has revealed that people that are looking for an electric pickup are most excited about the electric F-150 over the Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and the Cybertruck.

Can't say I'm not too surprised since Ford is the most established truck brand. But i'm sure that'll change when the other EV trucks start production ahead of it.

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It's definitely an interesting study. It's about market perception of their sample group and it shows a lot about what people think. GM and the Hummer team are doing very well here. That said, it shows some other interesting things. People don't seem to understand CyberTruck or Rivian. And I think many "truck people" are still operating on brand loyalty and looking for Ford or GM to provide their electric truck solution. Perception is powerful. Ford is winning in this survey of perception when the only thing anyone really knows about their upcoming electric F-150 is that it is electric and it's an F-150. And if the Hummer EV proves successful, you can bet we'll see an electric entry for the Bronco, and perhaps an electric Bronco/Warthog (Maverick?) styled pickup, in short order.
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