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GM hasn't officially revealed what the starting price for the electric Hummer, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating.

Motor1 estimates that the Hummer will start at around $70,000. One of the reasons is that GMC is GM's "premium truck brand". The other is based on how the competition is pricing their electric trucks.

GMC provided no clues as to how much the Hummer EV might cost. But let's speculate. The upcoming Rivian R1T pickup will cost less than $69,000. The Tesla Cybertruck will be a bit more affordable, asking near $40,000. And the current gas-powered GMC Sierra pickup costs about $30,000 to start but goes as high as $54,700 for the fancier Denali model.

A safe estimate would put the GMC Hummer EV at about $70,000. Considering GMC is the world's "only premium truck brand," expect a premium price tag. Denali and AT4 models (if they happen) would probably be a bit more expensive.
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