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Electric Hummer Expected to be a Full-Size Pickup

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This probably isn't shocking for anyone but we should expect the Hummer electric pickup truck to be a full-size pickup truck and not mid-size.

From Automotive News:

One thing's for sure—the truck could be even more awesome-looking than we imagined. We also correctly surmised that GMC branding on the pickup will be de-emphasized. As you can see, the vehicle wears large "HUMMER" lettering in the grille and a much smaller GMC badge down by a tow hook (lower-right side of the picture above). Note also the six grille slots. No need to scratch the scab from that Jeep-aping seven-slot brouhaha. And furthermore, we have deduced from other reporting that the GMC is to be full-size like a Sierra, not mid-sized like the GMC Canyon sized.
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Motor1 shared some more details about how big the Hummer is going to be. It's likely going to be similar to the GMC Sierra half-ton.

There are also some new details about the Hummer EV's size. While the teaser from January hints at amber "identification lights" on the truck's roof, typical of heavy-duty trucks, the Hummer EV may actually be closer in scale to the current GMC Sierra half-ton. That would position it squarely against gas-powered trucks like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and, upcoming electric trucks like the Rivian R1T.
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