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But the Hummer was designed to have a good departure angle, it is not just about ground clearance.
The Hummers were destined from birth to be the odd children of the BT1 platform family. The purpose is very different. Whereas the Silverado and Sierra EVs, as well as the Escalade, Yukon and Tahoe EVs are/will be packaged like traditional trucks and SUVs to serve traditional truck and SUV purposes, the Hummer twins were made to showcase the prowess of the platform, and serve as the ultimate off road showcases of what BT1 can do. Hence the high bed, breakover and departure angles, and extreme ground clearance.

I have no doubt that GM will soon be far and away the electric truck and full size SUV sales leader by the later part of this decade. All they need is to get this production ramped up.
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