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It looks like all the buzz surrounding the Hummer has rekindled GM's interest in Nikola and the Badger.

Nikola's stock price rose almost 12% after GM President Mark Reuss said that they continue "to work the opportunity" with reaching a deal with Nikola. He also mentioned that he still sees the potential partnership between the two companies as a great opportunity.

“The opportunity to put our fuel cells into a class 7 and 8 vehicle is spectacular,” he said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “We know there’s great operational cost advantages there, there’s great efficiencies and there’s great opportunities.”


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Hmm...I think this lends credence to my earlier theory that GM wanted the class 7/8 semi truck all along, and didn't care so much about the Badger. I still believe the Badger will never be produced, but I'm highly confident that the semi will be. I think we'll see GM take over Nikola pretty soon, and they'll turn it into their commercial hydrogen-electric brand/subsidiary. As things stand, hydrogen-electric is far and away the best clean alternative to diesel. It's a boon waiting to explode...and the Nikola name holds a lot of weight.
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