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I should of specified in my original post that I am in Oregon, so we don't have sales tax or any large tax. I did initially think the same thing so I asked for a breakdown in price and they sent me a pic of it handwritten in "Dealer Market Adjustment" and a $9,999 charge.

The registration and other fees are on there (that come to $1,514.18), so it looks like it really is just an upcharge from the dealer because they are the ones that received my reservation.
Man, I think you might be SOL here. You could blast the dealer on Twitter and tag Mary Barra and Mark Reuss, but TBD if that will work. The common consensus on this chat has been to get it in WRITING that your dealer won't charge above MSRP BEFORE the truck arrives at the dealer.

Wishing you the best of luck, though. Definitely must feel like stepping on a dog turd as you're going to receive your winning lotto ticket.

I hope you still really enjoy your new truck!
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