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Sky Cloud Mountain Pollution Hazard

A Corvette E-Ray prototype burned to the ground while hot weather testing in Spain. The fire started due to an oil leak that ignited the hybrid's battery pack.

The results are not pretty.

It appears as though this recent visit to Spain went a bit awry, as the charred remains of a Corvette E-Ray prototype allegedly caught fire during testing by supplier Bosch. From what we’ve been told, the fire started in the prototype’s engine bay following an oil leak, leading to a runaway blaze that eventually ignited the hybrid sports car’s battery pack, as well. Photos and video of the fire’s aftermath show a pile of burnt Corvette components sitting on the side of the road in the southern European country. It’s safe to say that this prototype was rendered a total loss after the blaze.

“A Corvette development vehicle undergoing extreme testing by one of our suppliers this week had a thermal incident. All who were involved are safe as this is our top priority. We are investigating the situation with the supplier,” Chevy spokesperson, Trevor Thompkins, explained to GM Authority. “The car was a testing mule with a setup that’s not indicative of what an actual customer would receive,” he added.

Sky Cloud Mountain Slope Asphalt
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