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From Steven Daniel’s on the Facebook group.

I have been reading a lot of misconceptions about the Hummer EV ordering and purchase process that I would like to clear up. Plus I would like to alleviate any of the heartburn people may have about markups and such.

As someone who has had a hand in establishing the program and has been involved with the truck since it’s infancy, I have first hand knowledge of everything that the average consumer sees at the surface and much of the behind the scenes jargon that went into building it.

For anyone that has gotten the infamous email that it is time to order your vehicle, here is what you need to do.

GO INTO THE STORE. This is your only security blanket to ensure your vehicle is ordered to the specifications your desire. You and instructed to sign off on the build itself and it gives you something in writing that states this is how you ordered it.

Before you leave the store, AGREE TO TERMS! This is a step that I am seeing a LOT of people miss. The program states that an agreed upon price should be established at time of order. This should be written and signed by both the customer and dealership. This is another security blanket to ensure you do not get screwed with ‘market adjustments’ or any random mark ups the dealer may want to throw at you. The MSRP stands for ‘Manufacture Suggested Retail Price‘ but the dealership, that is not owned by GM because they are all privately owned, can sell it for whatever they would like. So it is not only in the program but a best practice for both parties to settle on a price.

*If you can not agree on a reasonable price, you have the option to move your order to another dealership. Just call the concierge program number.

After that give it about 2-4 weeks and the truck will be on your respective dealership’s lot.

Once the vehicle arrives, your eyes will be wide and your heart filled with excitement. Do not let that fool you. You have your build sheet that states what you wanted on it. Confirm it has all those features. You have a signed document stating the agreed upon price signed by you and the dealership. This will eliminate any haggling and make the process smooth. After that just let the salesperson tell you about the cool buttons and learn as much as you can. You will probably be back a few times with a few questions or YouTubing how certain features work along the way.

That’s it in a nutshell. Enjoy your new truck.
Sounds like making excuses for the awful dealership experience some people are having. Really makes you wonder if those bad dealers realize their days are numbered.
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