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That's the thing though. There are two different plastic panels there. a Silver one and a Black one for the license plate.

Almost looks like they made it so you can just drill your own holes in the grey one if you want or purchase the black one with premade holes and other details that swaps in place of the grey one.

I just specced mine and added license plate brackets as one of the accessories. Should be here soon 馃檪

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Welcome to the forum. Good call on ordering it so soon.
Did you order any other accessories or will be as soon as they are available?
Thank you, Marko. Yes I did.
  • Hard Power Retractable Tonneau Cover (5KM)
  • Exterior Lighting Pkg (PCI)
  • Rocker Protectors with Assist Step (S6L)
  • Sky Panel Storage (SC8)
  • Tech Bronze Wheels (SMA)
  • D Hooks Bronze (W0H)
  • License Plate Holder
  • Lunar Map Hood Decal Bronze (SF8)
These are available right away, the rest will be added later. Not sure before or after delivery.
-Rocker Protectors with Assist Steps (S6L)
-Hard Power Retractable Tonneau Cover (5KM)
-Exterior Lighting Package (PCI)

Truck should be here Q1, so in a month or two.
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