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Here's a really nice article on the reaction of the people of South Bend, Indiana, the birthplace of the Hummer brand and the location of the factories that built the Hummer H1 and Hummer H2.

The South Bend Tribune talks to a number of some of the most influential people involved in the birth of the original Hummer (later H1) in 1992, and collects their thoughts on the new brand.


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How could I speak with you about the new fabrication given the place you indicate to us as the essence of the very first one. It will be necessary to do better and better so that it is adapted to all states?

In terms of innovation on the chassis side alone, it already has a great head start. I'm not talking about doing more than that. Only that is more than enough for a harsher defense system. after all, the Hummer is a military car.

It will only be necessary to do more for those who want to use it in a personal capacity and that depends on their appreciation.
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