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I was wondering, since we are about to start building our new home, where you think the is ideal location for the wall charger? And for those of you who have multiple EVs, should I plan the wiring for 2 chargers? I am just trying my best to get as much right and future-proof as possible. I know that many say that you should plug in each night, but if you have 2 EVs and only 1 charger do you swap? And the Hummer charges in the rear, but the new Equinox charges in the front...
My opinion is to put it on the back wall opposite to where you pull in. I thought I was being smart putting it halfway between the garage door and the back wall to give me flexibility to either pull in straight or back in and still charge but having it on the side of the truck is a pain to get to with the truck being as wide as it is. Unless you will have a decent walking aisle, I would plan for a charger on the back wall of anywhere you would plan to have a car park. Most chargers come with 25 foot cords and most garages are 24 feet or less in length so I think you would be fine having it centered where the vehicle parks unless you plan for a super long garage.

The other thought would be on the side but toward the back wall of the garage so you can reach it without having to walk around the truck.
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