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I’m not sure what he used, however he did say it was 60 amp wire just like what was coming off the charger.
To today's IEVS podcast where (starting at 1:01:45) Tom discusses in detail the difference between hooking up circuits for standard residential appliances vs hooking up circuits for AC high-amp-charging. He frowns on solid-wire romex. Recommends THHN in conduit or a metal-jacketed cable, probably stranded conductors with industrial crimp terminations. It's not just the wire resistance at the terminations can play a big part, too, both with creating heat and remaining tight through repeated expansion/contraction process when the terminations heat up over time. The connection torques, outlet grade, bending radius, etc also play a big part. It's enough put the fear of God in you, especially if you DYI'ed your installation using Home Depot components.
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