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I was wondering, since we are about to start building our new home, where you think the is ideal location for the wall charger? And for those of you who have multiple EVs, should I plan the wiring for 2 chargers? I am just trying my best to get as much right and future-proof as possible. I know that many say that you should plug in each night, but if you have 2 EVs and only 1 charger do you swap? And the Hummer charges in the rear, but the new Equinox charges in the front...
I'm leaning on setting up quite a big garage on our next build where I can park diagonally in it, we plan to have a twin charger setup between two parking spaces to allow my wife or I to park in either space forwards or backwards depending on car configuration.

Unless all the "hype" about hydrogen is real, definitely account and build for 2 EVs. They aren't going away and I'd wager in the next 10 years that's about all anyone will be buying/driving.

Perhaps you could look at a pedestal type installation between the two (or three) parking spaces in your new home and/or put something on the back wall centrally located between the parking spaces so you could drive in forwards or backwards in either space with either car and accommodate where the charging port is.
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