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I put in two 240v outlets in my new 3-bay garage: A 60A on the far side with the Clipper Creek (and NEMA 14-50R plug in case I need to disconnect it). The cord will reach the Hummer EV in either of two bays. I also added an 80A in the middle with a disconnect. I plan to use it for a welder until if/when it's needed for a second charger. We ordered a Lyriq for my wife, but I'm not sure we'll ever need to charge both EVs at the same time. I also added another 240v outlet in a second home, but since it was a retrofit and 6-guage wire is not the easiest to work with, I just put it as close to the service panel as possible! For that one, I added an A/C disconnect box so when it's not in use, I can disconnect it for safety.
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