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BT1 Platform

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It's pretty cool to see how our trucks will be built... GM's BT1 platform will underpin the Hummer EV, Silverado EV, and the yet to be named GMC EV. All of the trucks will share the same basic structure even though they will all be quite different looking and feeling on the inside and out. So far it seems the trucks will all share the same wheelbase (within a couple inches) have the same base, however looking at the structure, I can see they will have different A, B, and C pillar designs. Looking at GM's drive units and how they fit, I am going to assume for now they will all have similar architecture, although it would be possible to stretch the truck in length, that would be very expensive and require re- engineering of the structure and major changes in the factory, so I will assume at least for the first generation the 5 foot bed / crew cab is all we will see architecturally. Here are a couple pictures of the structure (backbone), Its pretty cool that GM released this on video. A third picture of the structure with the HummerEV body on it shows a complete "Body in White".

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