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Placed an order through Malouf Buick/GM and they've been dodging my emails about whether they are selling at MSRP. I saw a dealer in SC who is paying flight tickets for anyone transferring purchase to their dealership but I'm still not convinced that the registration issues will go smoothly since NJ doesn't have a sales tax and I'd like to finance the vehicle through my business.
I have a very similar situation as well but i did pull the trigger and make the switch though and have my SUV 3x reservation and i switched from my NJ dealer because they were not answering me if they were selling at MSRP, i went and switched it to Mcelveen Buick GMC in Summerville South Carolina they are flying me out and i did speak on the phone with them about the sales tax and was told it would be adjusted at the end since NJ has 0% sales tax on ev's, they have been very helpful and answered all my questions, even showed me around the truck and gave me a ride in their hummer they have on lot to show reservation holders while i was visiting the area from NJ, but im not sure if you can still switch the reservation because before they required you to book a new reservation for the dealer you wanted to switch to then would transfer the 1st original order to the new dealer and cancel the previous dealers order without affecting your place in line.
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