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I think the pod lights come with the mating connector and another harness but I could be wrong, I didn't order them. So I'll either have to try to figure out what connector that is, or order something that has it. I take that back, this is clearly both parts of the connector and wires just have to be inserted into it. I'll have to go through the bag of stuff I got to see if they put usable pins in it, otherwise I'll have to order some. Looks like the 8 pin connector just has positive wires off the relays and you need to use a chassis ground for the equipment.

Would need to run new wires for anything. Based on what I'm seeing in the service manual, it might be too cramped to fit a winch inside the license plate/crash bar area. Would have to be bolted up to the crash bar. The grille shutters are on both top and bottom of the crash bar.

Will have to figure out where to mount the compressor as well. The truck has so many modules, it seems like GM just mounted them wherever they had void-space.
It also looks like you add your own relays (presumably so you can select the wattage) in the box. How much/how many hours did they charge for the install, out of curiosity? Kind of a bummer that even with all those hard switches on the dash you have to use the screen to turn lights on/off.
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