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I hear you, by 2025 Tennessee will be the center of all things EV in the USA.
Tennessee will be the center of all things EV in the USA? What in the Eff does that mean?
Population density/scale, taxes, capabilities of local utilities, abilities to source materials, public policy/perception, costs (both upfront and over life) will drive all of this. Tennessee won’t be the center of sh*t besides some more fantastic country music tunes.

EVs are a luxury and a grift, if the vehicles only last ~10yrs, they are basically an iPhone on a larger scale: disposable asset for those that can afford the latest disposal asset.

An EV, where the battery needs to be replaced in ~10yrs, is not a better product for the consumer than what we have today. One day, but not today.

No offense to the kind people of Tennessee, but no one cares about you except for you. Vote accordingly.
Best bachelor party I’ve ever been a part of was In Nashville, but I digress.
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