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He seemed to enjoy it but probably had enough of being inside it after that trip. It's a little hard to get him into the car seat with how high up the seats are from the ground, but we have one of those seats that rotates, so that helps a lot. Rear facing seats take up a surprising amount of the space that should be available for the driver, but at 5'10" it was just fine for our trip.

Obviously the amount of storage space available, with the frunk and bed, is significantly more than that of the Polestar. We brought way more stuff than we needed to because we could. Not sure when our next vacation is, but we are likely going to take the Rivian.

The day after I got my Rivian- it, the Hummer, and the Polestar 2 were sitting in the driveway. I asked him which car he wanted to take and he pointed to the polestar. Of course that could be because I said "car" and the other ones are "trucks". If not that, then if I had to guess it's just because the polestar has the best ride of the three, OPD is the smoothest and easiest to use at low speeds.
From a back seat/kids perspective, how does the Rivian compare with the Hummer? I know the numbers are all in favor of the latter, but numbers don't always make up the whole story.
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