Does anyone think that Edison actually has a chance of getting to market? Or are they going to fall the way of Nikola?

EdisonFuture, a California-based startup, is looking to cash in on the e-pickup craze by launching an F-150-sized light-duty full-size electric truck of its own, powered by a range of battery and motor options that includes a 450-mile battery pack and a three-motor configuration good for a reported 700 combined horsepower. Should the legacy and better-established newcomers to this space be worried?

What The Heck Is EdisonFuture?
This subsidiary of SPI Energy used to be aligned with another spinoff called Phoenix Motorcars. That group made a business of retrofitting Ford medium-duty trucks to electric power.

But don't let this fact—and the resemblance of its steel wheels to those of a Ford F-150 XL work truck—lead you to presume this is another modified Ford. EdisonFuture VP of product management Edmund Shen assures us the EF1-T pickup and its van counterpart, the EF1-V are both engineered from scratch by Livermore, California-based EdisonFuture.

Ford F-150-Sized, Not F-150-Based
EdisonFuture sees the heart of the e-pickup market as the traditional half-ton size and capacity. So the EF1-T's dimensions and mission don't stray far from the perennial best-selling F-150 and its Lightning electric variant, though it's proportioned more like the forthcoming 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV—that is, with a shorter "dash to axle" in front, a roomy four-door crew cab, and a 6.5- or 8-foot bed. (Exact body dimensions have yet to be released.)

In person, the flat nose and primary headlamp details are more reminiscent of Chevy's electric pickup, while the continuation of the LED lights to form a C-clamp look resembles an F-series Super Duty. Remember, though—it's not a Ford!

Three Drive Configurations, Multiple Batteries
EdisonFuture plans to cover the market much like Chevrolet and Hummer EV, with offerings ranging from rear-wheel-drive, single-motor to dual- and tri-motor all-wheel-drive setups. Likewise, there will be a choice of battery pack sizes available to suit various budgets and expectations. To date we only know that the single motor version will accelerate to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The two-motor version will produce about 600 hp and be good for 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The three-motor version will produce 700 hp and drop the 60-mph time to 3.9 seconds. EF1-V van models will only offer rear or two-motor all-wheel drive, each of which is rated to hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

These will be permanent-magnet motors, and we're told one or more may be clutched, allowing them to idle when not needed during cruising. There's no word yet on battery sizes, but the base truck is said to be good for 300 miles, the two-motor one will go 380 miles, and the top model can cover 450 miles on a charge. A DC fast charge will bring the battery from 0 to 80 percent charge in 25 minutes.

Aero Sleek, With An Optional Solar Roof
The "SPI" in the parent company's name stands for Solar Power Innovations, so it should come as no surprise that EdisonFuture will offer a solar roof option on both the truck and van leveraging SPI Energy's latest photovoltaic solar cells. Each will have a similar solar-collecting surface area, and in southern California sunshine we're told it should be capable of adding 15-25 miles of range on a sunny day.

The pickup features a three-piece nesting fastback cover that shelters the cargo area, adds to the total solar-cell surface area, and greatly improves aerodynamic drag when fully closed. Rear visibility is provided by camera mirrors, as the cargo cover obscures rear visibility.

Three-Seat Front Bench, Two- Or Three-Row Van Seating
Both models displayed at CES 2022—a high-spec pickup and low-spec van—featured a roomy three-seat bench in front. The EF1-V van on display was built for cargo-schlepping fleet duty, showing the lowest of three roof heights. This one is more consumer focused and hence designed to fit comfortably in residential garages, but we're told the highest roof will allow a person to stand in the back (given the height of the floor, that'll be a tall van).

Passenger-oriented versions with windows will feature a choice of two or three rows of seating. The van can be configured to carry 260 to 400 cubic feet of cargo and features sliding doors on either side with "barn doors" in the rear.

Pickup Cab And Box Features
A 17.5-inch floating touchscreen controls all the infotainment features, the long dash surface provides extra solar cells, when so equipped, and the doors can be equipped with removable toolboxes. Side view mirror images are supplied via camera and displayed on dedicated screens located near the A-pillars. A full set of tie-down points is provided in the box, along with what looks like provision for a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer hitch.

Towing Capacity
The EF1-T Standard model with a single rear motor is rated to tow 7,500 pounds, the EF1-TP premium two-motor variant can do 9,000, and the top EF1-TS Super tri-motor range topper is good for 11,000 pounds. For the EF1-V van, rear-drive models can tow 7,500 pounds, two-motor AWD long-range models are rated for 8,000 pounds.

So Should The Others Worry?
Competition is competition—unless or until it isn't. Funding could run out, investors may lose their nerve, the executive suite might get raided, or any of a million other potential pitfalls could darken EdisonFuture's, future. But the truck looks intriguing and the initial specs are promising, so we wish the new venture luck.