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2025 Corvette ZUV AI Renderings

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With the rumors that Chevy and GM will make a Corvette SUV, Motor Trend used AI to created some renderings of the Corvette "ZUV".

Here we go again. The same debate that raged when Porsche decided to save itself by sacrificing everything it stood for—or so the purists screamed—by building an SUV seems likely to erupt, as the evidence that Chevrolet will expand Corvette into a proper brand piles up. The Corvette is already semi-formally its own brand—Corvettes wear the crossed-flag emblem, not the Chevy bowtie, although there's a bowtie incorporated in the red flag—so the real controversy centers around expanding the Corvette name to vehicles that aren't two-door sports cars. And if we're talking about a new bodystyle, there's only one thing that makes sense: a crossover.

Ubiquitous and strong-selling, SUVs are the obvious brand-expander de jour for sportscar-makers around the globe. Look at Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and even Ferrari. It'd frankly be madness to expand the Corvette line to anything other than an SUV, at least at first. Oh, and we're calling this hypothetical vehicle the Corvette ZUV, because marketing departments love to tweak acronyms (forget Z06, try on ZUV!).

So, what would this Corvette-UV look like? As we've seen stark evidence of, "SUV" can mean a lot of things. Take the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which snagged our SUV of the Year award by beating all comers, despite a form factor that many would call a large hatchback. Categories are blurry, and so when we fired up an AI image generator to mash together thousands of images based on a human-entered prompt for "Corvette SUV," it's no surprise that the results range from more Corvette to more SUV.

The most surprising thing? That some of these look damn good. Ultimately, General Motors will make the call about what a Corvette SUV might look like, but we see a lot of AI-generated ideas here that blend sports car and SUV better that you might imagine.

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If it looks like the last photo count me in. The others…nah
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