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Nice find, @AllTerrain. I have to say, these new designs look very much like the old Hummer wheels from the H2 and H3. Here's an image for reference:

View attachment 164

These new wheels look to be the offroad-spec versions, while the larger set from the recent teaser video look to be the flashier versions for, I'd assume, the 1,000 hp Hummer. The ones in the pictures above could be for the dual-motor variant, or even the base, single-motor variant.

I love the obvious call to the if we could only make out what tire that is.
I do like those old H2 Wheels... As a matter of fact I have them on my '05 Silverado... I was able to get a set with the tires delivered for $900 on Ebay back in '05.... Then I have paid more than that for just the tires several times since... (they are chrome, but I plasti-dipped them anthracite gray)


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