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  1. 2022+ HUMMER Dealers, Prices And Orders
    So we've heard that they have a lot of reservations, probably a good percentage will not get converted to a real order once reality sets in about actually buying a $80-$110K truck/SUV.... However, given the production has only been in the low hundreds so far, does anyone have knowledge of the...
  2. 2022+ HUMMER Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Any way to determine where you are "in line" for either the Pickup or SUV? I've heard people saying the order #s are not sequential, and besides that, I am guessing each dealer will get some allocation of Hummer EVs for both pickups and SUVs. Ford completely ruined the "reservation system"...
  3. 2022+ HUMMER Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I have reservations for both the Hummer Edition 1 Pick Up (white) and SUV (green). Please private message for bids. Selling by Xmas.
1-3 of 3 Results