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  1. 2022+ HUMMER News
    Duncan Aldred, Buick and GMC Global Vice President said the Hummer EV “sold out for two years or more.”. Seems like an exaggeration, but considering the large number of reservations and the waiting time should be quite long for new orders. Assuming that all reservations turn into binding...
  2. 2022+ HUMMER Pickup General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum. I’m 26 and planning on saving 30k or so in the next 5 years to put down on a Hummer EV2 (pick up). I was curious if anyone knows of any dealer showcase events happening near Oklahoma City? Surrounding states would be worth the trip if the even allows the public to...
  3. 2022+ HUMMER Videos
    The editor at large for Roadshow talks about the rise of the electric pickup truck thanks to vehicles like the GMC Hummer, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck. When it's explained like this it's pretty nuts to think about quickly the hype behind these trucks has grown.
1-3 of 3 Results