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  1. First Look: GMC Hummer EV’s Removable Roof!

    2022+ HUMMER General Discussion Forum
    In their latest video, GMC gives us a first look at what the Hummer's removable roof looks like from the inside!
  2. What Would A Modern Hummer H1 Look Like?

    2022+ HUMMER Pictures
    Since it looks like the Hummer EV is going to keep it's classic look. Someone on Instagram decided to redesign a "modern" look for the H1. If GM is ever considering bringing back the H1 they need to take notes from this.
  3. The electric Hummer gets a new logo

    2022+ HUMMER News
    GM has filed a trademark to give the electric Hummer and brand new logo. It's been filed in both the US and Canada
  4. General Motors shuts down U.S. plants in response to Coronavirus

    2022+ HUMMER General Discussion Forum
    GM, Ford, and Chrysler have announced that they're all shutting down production in the US as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Looks like the Hummer reveal and development will likely be pushed back some more.